I never got the whole Free Mason conspiracy theory stuff. My dad was one and all the guys there were cool and my family used to go to the lodge for breakfast once or twice a month. They threw good parties. 

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Once is too many times.

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Saw this somewhere else and felt the need to post it cause no one else ever really tells you this stuff

My mom never really noticed. She noticed when she was breast feeding my little brother and blood started coming out instead of milk. 

My mom said she felt and saw a little lump in the shower. She was lucky enough she found it at stage 2

My mom had a mammogram. The radiologist thought the spots were just regular calcium deposits. 

Turns out it was triple negative breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nods. Mastectomy, radiation and chemo saved her life.

This could SAVE a life.

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Signal BOOST and pass it on. I had a breast cancer scare before (luckily it was just scar tissue…) and information like this kept me calm and collected at the doc’s.

As a cancer patient myself, who found my own cancer through a supposed LARPing injury last year, i know how scary it is and how important it is to catch it early. Please spread this around!

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they’re certainly done more good, but they’ve also done more bad. like 4chan for sure has a really toxic culture, having been a user in the past and that’s pretty gross. like they’re kind of…

4chan is all about anonymity. They’ll say tits or gtfo to anyone claiming to be a woman, not out of genuine misogyny but because by their community’s standard it’s nowhere near necessary. Meanwhile tumblr runs purely on establishing individual identity. Not proselytizing for either but there’s just a fundamental difference in community ideology here that explains the ire.

I tried the whole individual identity on one of my old blogs and I was called the following for being Catholic, not supporting Tumblr’s fucked up version of feminism and a plethora of other things:

I could go on. Tumblr is a hive mind of stupid teenagers with twisted world views and no life experience who think that self diagnosing and having a guy stare at them gives them the knowledge of the universe when it comes to being oppressed because women and minorities in America are the most oppressed people in the world. 

You’re right though 4chan does have a shitty community but so does Tumblr.

If Elizabeth Warren runs for president I may kill myself. Is it time for a woman president? Yes, but we don’t need a woman who has less brain cells than a grape. 

they’re certainly done more good, but they’ve also done more bad. like 4chan for sure has a really toxic culture, having been a user in the past and that’s pretty gross. like they’re kind of assholes. a few cool things doesn’t make up for the rest.

I have a reddit account, not 4chan but from what I’ve heard I know it’s toxic and I don’t condone any of their actions but I feel like they’re less of a hive mind than tumblr and there’s bad stuff on Tumblr. You can find just as much weird porn and gore here as you can anywhere else. 

I love how much Tumblr bitches about how Reddit and 4chan are horrible websites filled with horrible MRAs but they’ve done more good than tumblr ever has. 4Chan has found people who posted videos of them torturing  animals and gotten them arrested by exposing their identities, it’s also where Anonymous hangs out. Reddit sent thousands of letters to someone’s dying, disabled uncle, they sent so many pizzas to a little boy in the hospital with cancer they had to ask them to stop, a World War II vet who died with no next of kin to attend his funeral ended up having several thousand people attended because of a post, just now on the front page was a post with the p.o. box of a kid in the hospital who loves getting mail. 

What has tumblr done you ask? Gotten some kid a chicken.

I know that reddit and 4chan both have dark sides but so does tumblr. Never on reddit have I been told to “Go fuck yourself with a knife” when I disagreed with someone’s opinion, On tumblr is another story. 

Next time before you shit on something maybe you should take a step out of the hive mind. 

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